Hi Guess 100 Answers and Solutions

Welcome to Hi Guess 100 answers! Below we have all the answers to the real guess 100 game, created and developed by Man Zhang. All other similar trivia games are just not up to the standard of this game. Hi Guess 100 is a fun and challenging game where you have to guess the puzzle from an image, for your selected category. You really have to use think deeply in order to get the right answer. We suggest try spending more time on solving the puzzle before using our site for the answers.

Hi Guess 100 - How to Play:

Hi Guess 100 is an exciting mobile game that is really straightforward to play. On each level you will be given 100 puzzles to solve. Each puzzle has an image which you then have to guess what it could be. There are currently 20 different types of levels to play.

Below the image there are blank spaces for your guess and at the bottom of the screen is a combination of letters you can use. Simply tap one letter at a time and t will be added to the space for the correct answer.

Hi Guess 100 Solutions:

The game is extremely exciting, but at the same time is challenging especially for younger players. Each time you solve a puzzle, you will be rewarded with coins. You can use coins to buy hints or solve future puzzles.
There are currently no cheats to increase the number of coins, you can only buy them.

The only cheats for Hi Guess 100 is this website with the correct answers for each level. The numbers of levels are the same for all devices and app stores, whereas some games use a random level number. So if you are not progressing as fast as you would like or you just want some Hi Guess 100 hints be sure to keep visiting us.

Stuck on a level?

If you get stuck, there are a few things you can do. Firstly don't panic! Just stay calm and remember it's only a game and you are certainly much smarter than any app. If you do find yourself stuck in the game, remember you earn coins which can be spent in the game. Use these to solve the puzzle or to gain hints for the puzzle, you never know one correct letter may help you get the correct answer.

If you are running low on coins you could always ask your friends on social media as the game does include the 'share' facility. Be sure not to use this too much, we all have that one friend who always invites your to games or posts repeatedly.

If you truly are stuck then as a final resort use this site for all of the Hi Guess 100 cheats.

Game Name: Hi Guess 100
Reviewer: Terry Sinclair
Rating: 4.8